Online Explainer Videos: Why They’re Essential for Engineering & Tech Marketing

In our previous blog post, we covered how using explainer videos in your presentations makes them more engaging. You’re sure to win over more clients if you do.

But just when you thought explainer videos couldn’t get any better, there’s more….. They also bolster your marketing in the online realm—big time!

Having a better online presence has obvious pay-offs if you sell directly online, as this will probably lead to more ‘Buy Now’ clicks. Even if you don’t sell online, enhancing your online marketing with videos will help create more leads. Believe me, your on-the-ground salespeople will thank you!

In this blog post, we will cover 4 reasons why posting explainer videos online is vital for tech startups and engineering businesses.


1. Explainer Videos Make Your Website More Compelling

Just like with presentations, using explainer videos on your website makes it much more engaging. Here’s a quick summary of the points made in our previous blog and how the same benefits can be seen for websites with explainer videos:

  • Everyone loves video, and it has become a large part of our everyday lives. Using it to educate and entertain your website visitors creates “Wow Factor”. This ensures that you will leave a good impression on them and they will have a better chance of remembering you.

  • The mix of animation and voice-over in video explains technical things more clearly. Even the emotional tone set by a video can help with message delivery. If online explainer videos can convey a lot of the technical info you need to share, this will ease pressure on salespeople. It will allow salespeople to focus on selling, even when they may not have a complete grasp on the technical details themselves.

  • Videos save time by explaining things quickly. This allows your audience to spend more on other content which pushes them further along your marketing funnel.

  • It has been shown that body language is vital to building trust in a negotiation. Therefore, videos on your website with in-person footage will help you convert more visitors to paying customers. They will make your website seem more personable.

In the online world, your website is the place where you are most likely going to make a sale or create a new lead. Thus, it is so important that you make it as interesting as possible. Explainer videos can help greatly with this.


2. Explainer Videos Improve SEO

It’s easy to get caught up in the finer details of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Sometimes that is needed if you operate in a competitive market where marginal gains make all the difference.

But essentially what SEO boils down to is quality content. Often this is all you need to focus on to improve your search rankings.

Google is smart and it has a reputation to keep. It wants to remain the world’s go-to for finding the best answers—and fast. To do this, Google makes websites with the best content more visible i.e. rank higher in search results.

So, this is where explainer videos come into play. 

As we established in our previous blog, video is an increasingly popular medium for content. So much so that YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world! Because video can be so engaging, it is likely to boost SEO through the following ways:

  • Videos will probably lead to website visitors spending more time on a page. This is flagged as a positive sign by google: if people are spending a lot of time on a page watching videos, then the content must be good!

  • Videos can receive more backlinks (links from elsewhere around the web). Google sees links leading to your content as another sign that it is high quality.

If you need more customers to find you through Google, then quality content should be your focus. And what form of content is more captivating than video? I think none!


3. Explainer Videos Help You Get Noticed on Social Media

Like SEO, Social Media platforms are powerful discovery tools. They allow your business to be found by potential customers who may not have been aware of you.

But unlike SEO, social media platforms allow you to do more of the discovery. With SEO, a potential customer needs to have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for when they type in a query. But the problem is, not everyone knows what they are looking for. Some aren’t even looking in the first place…..

This is where social media can be very handy. 

With social media, you can build followings through network effects: someone likes a piece of content you posted, whose friend with similar interests also sees and shares the content, and so on and so forth. This allows your content to be discovered incidentally. You can learn who is interested in you and how you can meet their needs.

You can also pay to sponsor your content on a social media platform. Here, the platform uses the info they have on everyone to help you find even more people who will be interested in you.

Sounds pretty good, hey? Social media platforms have one problem though: they are overflowing with so much content that it can be very difficult to get your target audience to engage with your content, or even see it in the first place. In fact, Facebook statistics from 2019 show that the median post frequency for brands was 0.97 per day, while the median engagement rate was 0.09%. In other words, this means that if you post once per day, on average you should only expect 9 out of 10,000 post viewers to engage with your content!

Therefore, breaking through all the competing content requires that you do something extra special.

Videos are generally harder to make than other content types. This is why written content is more common than video on social media. But this provides an opportunity: if you are prepared to go to greater lengths than everyone else and make videos, then you will probably stand out.

Further, as we have said over and over, people love videos. They can be fun to watch and they draw attention. People scrolling through a feed will generally click to watch a video over reading a sizeable amount of text.

To support this, a Linkedin Senior Product Manager stated videos posted on Linkedin are 20x more likely to be shared by viewers than other post types.

Say no more.


4. Explainer Videos Help with Email Marketing

Email is powerful for converting a target audience into paying customers.

In fact, email marketing is generally seen to be a lot better at this than social media marketing. According to a report prepared by the consulting firm Mckinsey, email marketing acquires 40x more customers than Facebook or Twitter.

Additionally, stats presented by Campaign Monitor suggest that the average ROI for email marketing is $38 for every $1 spent—wowee! 

The theory is that email is a more direct way to engage the most interested of your target audience. If someone has subscribed to your email list, they have given you permission to send content to their personal or work inboxes. These are more exclusive spaces than social media feeds, and it shows that they like what you do.

If you know someone likes what you do, it should be easier to convert them to a paying customer!

Further, email effectively reaches your entire audience. If you send out content via email, it will be delivered to at least 90% of your subscribers. In comparison, only 2% of your Facebook followers will see the same content. This is because Facebook and the other social media platforms ultimately control who gets to see your content in the end. 

However, email is a double-edged sword: the intimate access to your audience comes with higher expectations.

If you lower your standards, or even publishing frequency, email subscribers are more likely to be disappointed. In other words, the content stakes are higher with email marketing—junk content will end up in the junk folder.

Once again, this is where explainer videos help.

Providing video links in your emails will keep your loyal email subscribers from being disappointed. In fact, video has been shown to reduce email unsubscribe rates by 26%! It also increases email open rates by 19%, and click-through rates by 65%.

Email marketing is something that all tech businesses that want greater conversion rates should be doing. But it requires that you live up to expectation. Explainer videos help ensure that you do.


How Techsight Can Help

At Techsight, we love making explainer videos for tech and engineering companies.

If you need explainer videos to improve your online presence, contact us here.

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