An augmented reality infographic on… augmented reality

Augmented reality is an exciting technology and its use case in marketing is huge. It allows for immersive info presentation and data visualization. In case you are not familiar with augmented reality, below is an infographic explaining what it is. And presented in augmented reality, of course.

Below is the gif version of the augmented reality infographic.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality, often just called AR, is the mixing of the real world and the virtual world. When looking through a device like a smartphone, AR software can overlay virtual objects into the surrounding real world. 

AR allows for immersive and interactive experiences that aren’t possible in the real world alone. The future in this space will be mind blowing. It will blur the lines between everyday experiences and the outer reaches of our imagination.

How can AR be used in marketing?

AR can be used to make immersive and interactive infographics about a product or service. This is useful for explaining intangible products like software. 

AR can also be used to showcase 3D products that are unavailable, conceptual, or impractical to display physically. If the product can be displayed physically, AR can be used to enhance a learning experience. Virtual elements can label parts, explain function and show dynamics.

Also, with AR, a product showcase can be sent to your customers. Meaning that neither your product, nor yourself, needs to be physically present to show off your solutions.

How to use augmented reality

Want to use augmented reality in your marketing? The best way to do this is by getting a custom app built for your content.

These apps can be installed on Android and iOS devices and can be easily shared with your customers.

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